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.NET Core 3.0 プレビューバージョンごとの新機能名メモ

.NET Core 3.0 のリリースなので、新機能を復習してみたいと思ってまず、新機能の名前だけでも並べてみようと思いました。

.NET Core 3.0 (プレビュー 9) の新機能はこちらに情報があります。



■ 機能(名?)とバージョン

Preview 1
.NET Framework 4.8
Windows Desktop Comes to .NET Core
WPF, Windows Forms, and WinUI Open Sourced
WPF and Windows Forms
Applications now have executables by default
dotnet build now copies dependencies
Local dotnet tools
Introducing a fast in-box JSON Reader
Ranges and indices
Async streams
Serial Port APIs now supported on Linux
GPIO, PWM, SPI and I2C APIs now available
Supporting TLS 1.3 and OpenSSL 1.1.1 now Supported on Linux
Cryptographic Key Import/Export
More BCL Improvements
Default implementations of interface members
Tiered Compilation
Assembly Metadata Reading with MetadataLoadContext
Platform Support
Preview 2
C# 8
Using Declarations
Switch Expressions
Async streams
IEEE Floating-point improvements
.NET Platform Dependent Intrinsics
Introducing a fast in-box JSON Writer & JSON Document
GPIO Support for Raspberry Pi
Local dotnet tools
Assembly Unloadability
Windows Native Interop
WPF and Windows Forms
Visual Studio support
MSIX Deployment for Desktop apps
Install .NET Core 3.0 Previews on Linux with Snap
Platform Support
Preview 3
.NET Core SDK installers will now Upgrade in Place
Docker and cgroup memory Limits
Docker Publishing Update
Index and Range
.NET Standard 2.1
F# Update
F# 4.6
dotnet fsi preview
DLLMap and Native image resolver events
.NET Core Windows Desktop Project Update
High DPI for Windows Forms Applications
Entity Framework Project Update
Preview 4
WinForms Chart control now available for .NET Core
Enabling the Chart control in your .NET project
Improving .NET Core Version APIs
Tiered Compilation (TC) Update
HTTP/2 Support
SDK Docker Images Contain PowerShell Core
Better support Docker CPU (–cpus) Limits
Round up the value of the CPU limit
Thread pool honors CPU limits
Making GC Heap Sizes Smaller by default
Better support for many proc machines
Hardware Intrinsic API changes
Assembly Load Context Improvements
Preview 5
WPF and Windows Forms Update
Introducing the new SqlClient
What is new in Microsoft.Data.SqlClient?
What does this mean for System.Data.SqlClient?
Publishing Single EXEs
Introducing the JSON Serializer (and an update to the writer) JSON | | Serializer
Utf8JsonWriter Design Change
Index and Range
New Japanese Era (Reiwa)
Hardware Intrinsic API changes
.NET Core runtime roll-forward policy update
Making.NET Core runtime docker images for Linux smaller
Docker Updates
AssemblyLoadContext Updates
GC Large page support
Preview 6
WPF and Windows Forms update
Alpine Docker images
Event Pipe improvements
Optimize your .NET Core apps with ReadyToRun images
Sample performance numbers
ReadyToRun images, explained
Cross platform/architecture compilations
Assembly linking
Using the Linker and ReadyToRun Together
Native Hosting sample
HTTP/2 support in HttpClient
Preview 7
.NET Core SDK Size Improvements
Preview 8
Preview 9